Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bristol Palin Appearing On Dancing Stars

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Bristol Palin dancing with the stars will look sexy. Anyway, now we know that the season premier, Bristol "will rip off a" tear-away clothes, "while Sarah Palin sat in the audience." Security has been increased by about Dancing with the Stars stage, and gossip say it's because Sarah Palin has plans to make an appearance.

Bristol Palin Appearing On Dancing Stars
Bristol Palin is a participant in the American version of Dancing with the Stars this season, and she made a big fuss about how modest her outfit would be, because abstinence. Then it turned out to be not-so-message, because you must be sexy to be on TV.

According to the source to be Bristol and partner Mark Ballas be dancing to "Mama Customs Me." This latest hiccup could track her plan to host Saturday Night Live, and starred in the movie of porn star Linda Lovelace. Bristol Palin brought her a 1/2-year-old Sun Tripp together yesterday when she met an exercise in Hollywood, California for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

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