Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jessica Seinfeld Photos

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Jessica Seinfeld Born Nina Danielle Sklar, 12 September 1971 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York is the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, author of a cookbook for preparing food for the children, and founder of Baby Buggy, a New York City charitable organization. She graduated from the University of Vermont, and worked in public relations for Golden Books Entertainment, as well as Tommy Hilfiger.

She married Eric Holland, a theatrical producer and Broadway Scion. Shortly after returning from a three week honeymoon in Italy, she met Jerry Seinfeld in a Reebok Sports Club. The Seinfeld has three children, a daughter and two sons. Daughter Sascha was born Nov. 7, 2000 in New York City, son Julian Kal March 1, 2003 in New York City, and Shepherd Kellen was born 22 August 2005, at New York's Cornell Medical Center.

Seinfeld cookbook published incredibly Delicious, which contains strategies and recipes to make healthy food appealing to young children. On 7 January 2008 Lapin sued Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld for defamation, plagiarism or copyright and trademark violations in the Manhattan, U.S. District Court. The suit includes allegations of defamation against Jerry Seinfeld.

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