Friday, December 17, 2010

Kendra Beebe Pictures

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Kendra Beebe has kind of been left in the dust like all the talk is surround Shelley Malil and his life sentence in prison. What Beebe, she was the one that Malil attempted murder, you do not want anyone to know who exactly she was, I found various Kendra Beebe photos and put together a gallery so we could put a face on the slasher victim.

Kendra Beebe, Celebrity Gossip

In Kendra Beebe pictures below, we will see her and Shelley Malil look like they were happy as a couple in two of the images. Of course there are some pictures of Kendra Beebe on Malil trial and she's balling her eyes out.

Kendra Beebe, Celebrity Gossip

Kendra Beebe, Celebrity Gossip

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