Saturday, August 20, 2011

Demi Lovato Releases ‘Unbroken’ Album Cover!

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Offering up a gift for her passionate fans to enjoy, has Demi Lovato released the official cover for her upcoming album "Unbroken". The "Camp Rock" cutie - who celebrates his 19th birthday tomorrow (August 20) - tweeted Cover debut, to "show my gratitude, I thought I'd give you a small gift ... look closely: D!"

With "Unbroken" set to be released 20 September also Demi tweeted his gratitude for the many birthday blessings she has received, writes, "I have the best fans EVER Thanks for all the early birthday wishes."

Demi Lovato Releases ‘Unbroken’ Album Cover!

On a side note, Miss Lovato is much talked about doing something Awards performance of her album's first single "skyscraper" just sent Thursday night (August 18).


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