Thursday, September 22, 2011

Selena Gomez @ FASHION Magazine Cover !

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Selena Gomez in October cover girl of fashion magazine.
Sat down with the fashion magazine for a long conversation about her career, shopping, her band and much more. Check the highlights when you read further.

Gomez when she heard her band song on the radio for the first time:. "I was in LA in a Starbucks when I heard a radio I was in the drive-through, and I screamed and called my mother and I cried it was. A great moment for me.

Gomez not to be a big spender, "I must be in the mood to shop." I can not stand shopping for jeans, I hate trying them on. But I can buy shoes for several days. "" I like to find things that are original or things that I can create original, at random locations.

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