Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wishing Very Happy Birthday to Kareena Kapoor !!!

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Happy Birthday Kareena: -
Wish you lots of luck 31st Birthday! Keep rocking Bebo! Lots of love from Pinkvillans.
It is Kareena Kapoor's birthday today, and we send our heartfelt wishes to the sexy actor!

At 31, the actor one of the top stars of Bollywood, and has all the A-list director, an actor vying for her attention. While beau Saif Ali Khan's plans for a simple but special birthday surprise for his great love, Bebo spiritual birthday this ... If you are a true fan, do not forget to send your wishes to your favorite actor!

Kareena Kapoor had originally planned a special dinner with family and friends followed by a happening birthday. But Saif was not too eager to make it a high affair, he would have Bebo to cancel the party.

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