Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 World's Most Amazing Holes

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Most Amazing Holes
Udachnaya Pipe, Russia
Chuquicamata is an open hole copper mine in Chile. This is mine with the biggest total manufacture of copper in the world - but not the biggest copper mine. The mine is over 850 meters deep.

Most Amazing Holes
Sink hole Guatemala
The Udachnaya Pipe is a rhombus mine in Russia. The owners of my plans to terminate its activities in 2010 - in favor of subversive mining. The mine was exposed in 1955 and is over 600 meters deep.

Most Amazing Holes
Diavik Mine, Canada
In 2007, a canyon 300 feet deep sink hole a dozen houses in Guatemala - killing 2 and causing thousands to be evacuated. The sink hole was caused by the rains and an subversive sewage flow.

Most Amazing Holes
Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia
The Diavik Mine is a mine in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Mine provides 8 million carats or about 1600 kg (3500 pounds) of diamonds annually.

Most Amazing Holes
Great Blue Hole, Belize
The Mirny Diamond Mine is 525m deep and has a width of 1200m. It was the first and one of the biggest rhombus touch in the Soviet Union. It is now abandoned. While it was still in operation, it will take two hours for trucks to drive from the top to the bottom of the mine.

Most Amazing Holes
Bingham Canyon, Utah
The Great Blue Hole is a submarine sink hole of Belize. The hole is 1000 meters and 400 meters deep. It was formed as a mineral cave during the last glaciation.

Most Amazing Holes
Monticello Dam, California
The Bingham Canyon Mine is a copper mine in the Oquirrh Mountains, Utah. Mine is 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometers) deep, 2.5 miles (4 km) wide. It is the world's largest man-made dig.

Most Amazing Holes
Kimberley Diamond Mine, South Africa
The Monticello Dam is a dam in Napa County, California, best known for its large circular Spillway at a rate of 48,400 cubic meters per second.

Most Amazing Holes
Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan
Kimberley Diamond Mine with the (disputed) title of being the biggest hand-dug hole in the world. From 1866 to 1914 50,000 miners dug the hole with picks and shovels, the 2722 kg of diamonds. Trying to get it registered as world heritage.

Most Amazing Holes

In 1971, geologists exposed a massive subversive storage of natural gas on this site. While excavating the hole and press the gas drilling rig misshapen, leaving a big hole. To prevent toxic gases from escaping, the hole was allowed to burn. It continues to burn to this day and has done it without delay

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