Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gorgeous Maria Wasti - Pakistani beauty photo

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Maria Wasti born August 14, 1971 is a Pakistani film and television actress. Most of her roles in television series depicts her as a Pakistani woman going through difficult times and has landed her great respect in the eyes of critics and fans. She originally wanted to study business management, but instead began acting by chance.

She was contacted by Bakhtiar Ahmed, program manager PTV Lahore Centre to be thrown in a game called Sarah Resham Aur Ammar together, a movie actor. Wasti recalls that her first experience with acting was a passion for art, but later her parents told her to continue her career in a professional manner.

She believes Bano Qudsia Kallos's one of her most memorable plays in which she had to "put on make-t to look really dark," to play a dark girl who falls in love with a fairer man. She has played roles that portray women as prominent Salma Murad and Lenin Peace Prize winner Bilquis Edhi. Mary is known to be expressed on various issues of women's rights, gender and stereotypes.

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