Sunday, October 17, 2010

Khali and Salman Khan on the sets of Bigg Boss 4

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In the end, made 7-foot-3-inch tall wrestler The Great Khali's entry in 'Bigg Boss 4'. The 190-kilogram giant was welcomed to the exhibition of the host Salman Khan. Dressed in his customary red robe with a hood, Khali did a phenomenal on stage as Salman Khan, dressed in all black, announced his name as a wild card in Bigg Boss house, where two participants have already been thrown out.

In his usual style Dabangg, Salman joked with Khali on his height and weight, and marveled at his larger-than-life physics. There was dancing, humor and much banter as Salman and Khali bindings thick pals.

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