Friday, December 10, 2010

Adriana Lima at the Woodfield Mall Photos

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Taking care of a PR gig, Adriana Lima was discovered at Victoria's Secret store in Woodfield Mall Wednesday, December 8. The lady lingerie so beautiful as she promoted $ 2,000,000 Fantasy Bra while Schaumburg, Illinios local and paparazzi looked on.

In a recent interview, admitted to Adriana gave birth to daughter Valentina gave her a boost in self esteem department.She explained: "Actually, I feel more confident, more beautiful, more sexy when I gave birth to my daughter".

Adriana Lima, Hollywood Lady

As for juggling work and family, Ms. Lima commented, I was scared because you know that I wanted to be I want to be a good mother, you know, I wanted to give the best to Valentina.

Adriana Lima, Hollywood Lady

Adriana Lima, Hollywood Lady

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