Friday, February 25, 2011

International Balloon Festival at Chateau d'Oex - Switzerland

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International Balloon Festival at Chateau d'Oex:-

The International Balloon Festival in the picturesque alpine village of Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland, has been detained for three decades. This 33  years at the Swiss resort of 18 pilots from different countries and about 80 balloons in different sizes, colors and patterns.The International balloon festival in Chateau-d'Oex is an arena for aerostiers from over twenty countries. Nearly one hundred balloons take advantage of the unusual winter climate in the Alps. Skiers can hear the slow breathing of the balloons in various colors the sky above them was the balloon festival initiated by aerodynamic paths His Buck and Charles-André Rams owner, former director of Château-d'Oex tourist. Bucket originally proposed balloon flights for winter visitors. It held in January each year attracts the International Balloon Festival balloons from around the world. The image of colorful balloons against the snowy peaks is unforgettable.

The first International Balloon Festival at Chateau D'Oex, the Swiss held in 1979 and in 33 years ago, the colorful and odd-shaped bags of hot air increased over the white snow-capped mountain peaks in the Alps every winter (although in recent years some lighter on snow). Now the balloon extravaganza normally held the last week of January. Than 80 balloons and 10 specific types of curious shapes, animals in mountain huts, from 18 countries will participate. Daily balloon flights for the week-long festival is accompanied by the air show and aerobatic aircraft, parachute jumping, and demonstrations of the flying wing suits and gliders. Wednesday is Children's Day with special activities for children, costume contests and tethered balloon flights. Friday evening brings spectacular "Night Glow" sound and light show, probably the most popular event of the festival with balloon illuminations, dance music night performance paragliders and fireworks. The Feast Village is open with craft stalls and restaurants, and "Alpine Wave "disco dancing

to 04:00 AM, more balloons through last weekend.

it is a great place to fly because of the configuration of the valleys and weather, especially in winter, leads to very interesting flight. And see the Alps covered with snow from above on a day like today is awesome, "agreed Bristol-based pilot Muir Moffat, who passed his 20 Château-d'Oex festival over the years, the event has grown in size from 12 balloons to today's 100 including a dozen special-shaped balloons, but it has retained the same format and professional, but down-to-earth, convivial atmosphere that is much appreciated by the pilots for the local tourist festival was a very important platform to make it possible to separating this area from its competitors, "says current director, Olivier Bovet.

Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, the festival is the first event of its kind held in the Alps this winter.

Festival highlights include the group launches, special-shaped balloons, night flights and different races. Passenger rides are also available to the public, and there are other events that are specifically put on during the week for families. is around 50 to 60,000 people are expected to attend.This year a record 150 
journalists from 13 countries attendance.Château-d 'Oex headlines in March 1999 when Betrand Piccard and Brian Jones lifted from the resorts to be the first to sail around nonstop around in a balloon.

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