Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tareq Salahi Seek Divorce From Wife Michaele

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Celebrity news has learned that “Real Houswives of D.C.” star TAREQ SALAHI wants to file for divorce from his wife MICHAELE after finding out that she had been having an affair with Journey guitarist NEAL SCHON.

Tareq Salahi Seek Divorce From Wife Michaele

As previously reported, Tareq believed that Michaele had been kidnapped after she disappeared a few days ago… and he annoyed the police with his incessant calls, only to later find out that Michaele hadn’t been abducted—she was just with her lover, Neal.

is reportedly extremely humiliated over Michaele’s indiscretion, and a guy can only take so much before he finally decides that he’s fed up. It also didn’t help that a certain video of Michaele and Neal kissing—which he ironically actually shot himself during a Journey concert on Labor Day weekend—has resurfaced.

Tareq Salahi Seek Divorce From Wife Michaele
he phoned the police and reported it. Unbeknownst to him, his wife Michaele was actually with rocker Neal Schon from the band Journey.

According to TMZ, friends of Tareq Saahi feels as though he can never trust Michaele and he will not be taking her back. Tareq is also said to have changed the locks on the door to their home and winery.

After it was discovered that The Real Housewives' Michaele —who was not recently abducted— had left husband Tareq Salahi to be with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, Salahi says he has decided to file for divorce.
Tareq Salahi Seek Divorce From Wife Michaele

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