Sunday, October 3, 2010

Manoj Tiwari Wiki | Manoj Tiwari Pics

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Manoj Tiwari was born on 14 July 1965 in the small village near Atarwalia Mohania, Kaimur district, Bihar, India. He later moved to Varanasi to pursue a career in music. Manoj Tiwari is a Bihari actor, singer and director, acting in Bhojpuri films. He has been credited with reviving the Bhojpuri film industry.He has appeared in over 30 languages Bhojpuri films.

Tiwari began her career as a playback singer in 1996, sang more than 2000 songs over 7 years. In 2003 he decided to become an actor, and took a role in the film Sasura Bada Pais Wala. Tiwari came with economic successful films Daroga Babu I love you and Bandhan Toots Na. In 2008, Tiwari entered into Hindi cinema with a supporting role in Deshdrohi.

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