Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Billy Ray Cyrus Biography

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William Ray "Billy Ray Cyrus was born August 25, 1961 an American country music singer, songwriter and actor who was with country music a worldwide phenomenon. He has released eleven studio albums since 1992, released 38 singles, best known for his Number One single" Achy Breaky Heart "was the first single ever to achieve triple platinum in Australia and the 1992 best-selling single of the same country.

Cyrus was described as "too country" for LA, and "rock" in Nashville. But in 1990 he was signed to PolyGram / Mercury. Cyrus began to play and write music for his debut album, released in 1992. Cyrus and Mercury Records released quickly Cyrus' second studio album, it will not be the last. The album contained four singles, but only three made the Top fortieth.

Cyrus began to play the two Christian albums. Both albums, Time Flies and the other side, was released in 2003. Billy Ray appeared with metal-rock-band Metal Skool, and performed several songs, including "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol and the song "I Want My Mullet Back," which appears on I Want to Be Your Joe.

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