Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Tish Cyrus, accompanied his daughter Miley Cyrus for the Academy Awards tonight, and mother and daughter rocked the red carpet and stopped to talk with Ryan Seacrest before the show started. They gabbed about his tattoos, though.

Ryan asked the photographer to expand shots to highlight Tish's tattoos shines through on the back of her sparkly dress. He pointed to one of her tattoos, and Miley said. "Oh, it's her wings" Ryan shot back that he did not know if they were a "good influence or bad influence."

Miley quickly jumped at the chance to defend her mother. After all, she has her own tattoo on her side, "said Just breathe". "She said in her mother's choices in ink:" It's good, it's good, she has a good selection of tattoos .. "

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