Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rihanna out greeting fans at Barnes and Noble Pics

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Take care of some promotional duties, Rihanna was discovered on 5th Avenue Barnes and  Noble bookstore in New York City today twenty Octber 7.

The "Russian Roulette" singer is  in the house to sign copies of her new book "Rihanna" and so beautiful in a floral dress.

I love that in each verse  it just comes to a point where she wants to leave, she wants to go she goes, but then hook always comes back and it's like, "I love it".  It is not what you think when it happens.

"Every word in the song is true. It would take someone who has been on the inside to understand how these magical texts. We all love the song but the lyrics can never frame home before you've seen it, experienced it in your home, or been witness to the self. "

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